Nii Ahele Nunoo | Senior Associate at KPMG on Energy Crüe

Nii joins me at the Petroleum Club of Houston where we discuss his upbringing in Africa and pursuing his electrical engineer degree brought him to the US. After various jobs throughout the states, he found himself at NOV in Conroe, Texas. We discuss his role there, as well as what motivated him to pursue a higher education. We discuss his current role and how he loves identifying problems and challenges, creating solutions for those issues, and providing support for O&G companies throughout the states. Him and his “A-team” all have O&G backgrounds which allow them to be as effective as possible, while not taking any credit for the value they bring.

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Demand, Delta, Chinese Power, and Xcel | Petronerds Podcast

In Episode 23, recorded July 26, 2021, Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy bounce around global issues covering Norway, China, the US, and OPEC. Trisha continues to see the $65 to $75 price band for WTI Crude oil as most likely. Near month futures prices at the time of the podcast were $72 oil and $4 gas, both healthy figures for an industry that keeps adding rigs and frac spreads w-o-w. Looking ahead, the US will digest the end of the eviction moratorium and the lapse of COVID benefits, which should fill out the workforce. The Delta variant remains a wildcard for global macro. Ethan tries to put some guardrails around Trisha’s discussions of the global economy, International Energy Agency figures, electricity prices in the US, and China’s power use, commitments to climate change, and intricacies of policy making and outcomes.

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Tony Schnur on Oil Money

When an oil company finds themselves in a tight spot, they call this guy. Listen in to the difficult decisions that go into the day-to-day operations of a CRO in the oil and gas space.

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Tyler Shoultz | Drilling Engineer at Ovintiv on Energy Crue

Tyler Shoultz joins me during a home session where we sit and get into something that is near and dear to our hearts: bourbon. We sample bourbon throughout the episode and discuss everything from growing up in Louisiana, getting into the oilfield, and what lead him to pursue becoming a Drilling Engineer with Ovintiv. We discussed what passion projects he’d love to get into if O&G wasn’t around, as well as many other topics: house hunting, trucks, woodworking, bourbon, being around good people, and much more.

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Applied Bolting | Rob Westover on Oil and Gas Startups

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing sexy about bolting. Sexy or not, you wouldn’t want to be on a bridge or a in a skyscraper where the bolts weren’t tightened to spec. The same goes facilities across our industry. Rob Westover from Applied Bolting breaks down the science behind tension, friction and torque and why it matters.

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Straight From the Source’s Mouth | Josh Adler on Tripping Over the Barrel

Yale. MIT. Speechwriting for the Secretary of the US Treasury. New Hampshire vacations. Tripping Over the Barrel. Folks, when Josh Adler goes in…he goes ALL in. Only the best of the best for the CEO of one of the hottest Energy Tech startups, “Sourcewater”. Josh joins the fellas to talk about growing up in DC, working at tech startups in the 90s, entrepreneurship, summer homes, technology evolution, and disrupting mature markets. One of the brightest guests to ever come on the pod, T-Lo and the Doc had a blast with the Source of Sourcewater.

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Nicolas Acuna | Former AADE President – UH and Field Engineer at Liberty Oilfield Services on Energy Crue

On this episode I sit down with Nick Acuna to discuss how he realized networking and making connections was as important, if not more important than school work. We discuss his background and his experiences in networking while in college as well as why he decided to pursue the service side of the industry versus operator side. We discuss how putting himself out there, and getting involved, lead to a job offer from a casual meeting at THRIVE Energy Conference over a Modelo beer. We discuss what our industry can do for the incoming group of O&G professionals and how mentorship matters.

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DUG Permian Recap and Oil Price Slide | Petronerds Podcast

In Episode 22, recorded July 19, 2021, Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy discuss crude oil prices and the backslide to $66 as the market digests two negatives: the increased baseline allocation to the United Arab Emirates within OPEC and fears of the delta variant of COVID-19 reducing demand. Trisha sees WTI crude as appropriately priced in a band of $65 to $75, while Ethan sees further short run weakness in oil to $63 for the August contract, but is more bullish on natural gas to $3.70 week on week on summer heating demand. Trisha provided some thoughts on DUG Permian & Eagle Ford, where she spoke last week. The mood was bullish 2014, which she finds a bit too optimistic given OPEC spare capacity. Producers are bulled up, which may not be helpful for US supply, which should be growing and suppressing price.

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