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episode 45

In this episode, Collin and Jake sit with Yousuf Chaudhary, Executive VP of Atlas Operating to discuss the ins and outs of E&Ps and how they started this family owned business.

episode 4

Find out what it was really like to be married to an #OilField Girl working in a male dominated industry. What were some of the biggest challenges that they had to overcome and what is the key to their successful & happy marriage? There is a little twist at the beginning we think you will enjoy.



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episode 21

This week Jacob Corley takes us on a little detour with a deeper look into his life story and how he came to be the person he is today. Motivation is one of the keys to success in everything; not just Oil and Gas. However, getting motivated isn't an exact science. It's a process that each individual needs to figure out for themselves.