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Welcome, David.

Strap yourself in for direct, controversial takes on all things oil & gas. David holds no punches.

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episode 48

In this episode, Collin and Jake sit with John Donovan, Managing Partner at Donovan Ventures about how they provide early-stage growth capital and advisory services to energy entrepreneurs.

episode 8

In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of social media. How to use it to further your career, increase your network, and make sales. Plus, Massiel tells us how she grew her Instagram to what it is today (nearly 30K followers).



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episode 22

Our third Energy Tech Night was a smashing success, with our biggest crowd and venue to date! Over 150 gathered in Saint Arnold's Brewery here in Houston, TX to hear from some of the top officials from Donovan Ventures, Cottonwood, and CSL Capital on how their companies invest in startups in the Oil and Gas Industry.