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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan and the Department of Interior’s Forum on Oil and Gas Leasing | Petronerds Podcast

In episode 10 of the PetroNerds podcast, Trisha and Ethan continue the discussion of the Permian Basin’s rising rig count, oil prices, and spare OPEC Plus capacity. They also begin what is sure to be a more lengthy discussion on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan and associated Tax Plan, what Trisha calls unfair comparisons to China, and go through the Department of Interior’s nearly four hour virtual forum on oil and gas leasing on Federal Land and Offshore Waters and the executive order on Climate Change, which prompted the forum and review.

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Hex Technology on Oil and Gas Startups

This week, we had the chance to sit down with Scott Hamilton, Founder & CEO, of Hex Technology. These guys guys realized early on that this entire industry is comprised of nuts and bolts and these tend to be where failures happen. This was due to the fact that no one was properly trained on how to assemble things. So Scott walked us through how set out on a mission to do educational training for various organizations, predominately on the downstream side of the business.

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The BOLO Glory Days on Tripping Over the Barrel Podcast

Ever think back fondly to a place you once worked? Amanda Stevens (now at Whiting) and Jason Olbekson (now at Salesforce) come on and shared their favorite stories from their time at BOLO. For those of you who don’t know BOLO, it is Oil & Gas Accounting Software. For those that do? Well, before P2 acquired them, it was a personality-filled, fun-loving, and fast-growing company. What made it such a special place?

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El Camino with Ward Polzin on Tripping Over The Barrel

Ever wonder what it’s like being the CEO of an E & P company? Well, Ward Polzin doesn’t have to wonder…he lives that life and gives us a glimpse into what it demands. The CEO of Camino Natural Resources, Founder of CDEV, dude who brought EnerPlus to the US, and mentor to the Gen X/Millennial generations dives into his humble beginnings, College in Missouri, and cutting his teeth in Alaska – aka the Dan Pickering path.

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