American Shale:

A New Hope

American Shale is a documentary that explores the future of farmers in America supported by Oil and Gas and follows EQT and Cain Farms journey. The film tells a compelling story of a group of American farmers who are changing the way they farm by adding automation. 

Toby Rice, CEO of EQT, and Larry Cain, Dairy Farmer, will join us for a live Q&A session after the premiere.

We will be giving away a FREE Xbox: Series X to someone who registers and attends the premiere!

Join us on December 8th at 6:30 pm EST for the live premiere.


Toby Rice, CEO of EQT
Larry Cain, Partner at Cain Farms
Collin McLelland, CEO of Digital Wildcatters

After the premiere, we will have a live question and answer session with Toby and Larry. Curious how EQT came to be the largest natural gas provider in the US? What was Larry’s biggest struggle when automating his farm? Any resistance from his partners in the farm? 

Nothing is off limits. You have to be on live to ask or listen in on the Q&A!

There just wasn’t the amount of income needed to farm the way you wanted to farm,


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Toby Rice

Toby Rice was named President and Chief Executive Officer and joined EQT’s Board of Directors in July 2019. He has served as a Partner at Rice Investment Group, a multi-strategy fund investing in all verticals of the oil and gas sector since May 2018. Prior to that, Toby was President, Chief Operating Officer, and a member of the Board of Directors of Rice Energy from October 2013 until its acquisition by EQT for $6.7B in November 2017. He served in a number of positions with Rice Energy, its affiliates, and predecessor entities since February 2007, including President and Chief Executive Officer of a predecessor entity from February 2008 through September 2013.

Larry Cain

Cain Farms is a multi-generational family dairy farm started in the early 1950's in Belmont County, Ohio. We started introducing robotics in January 2020 and are currently milking, feeding, and collecting the manure with robotic technology. The family is also pleased and proud to partner first with Rice Energy and now EQT in developing and producing natural gas on the farm.

Collin McLElland

From a roughneck in West Texas to founder of Digital Wildcatters, Collin has been in the oil industry over 10 years and worked on offshore and land operations across the Western Hemisphere. He’s passionate about the the future of energy technology and the people that are making it happen.