Andrew Chan, The Youngest Man

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Why would the guys bring a Senior in college on a “Professional” podcast? Well, listen to Andrew Chan for a couple of minutes and you have your answer…Better Question: Why would a College student (Cal Tech, Go Beavers) attend O&G Networking events or be active on LinkedIn? Conversation ranges from going to school – or not going TO school – during COVID, to Andrew dispensing a lesson on Venture Capitalism. 


NOTE TO HIRING MANAGERS: Look no further, Andrew will probably be the most impactful hire in the history of your company. T-Lo and Dr. Funkenstein are confident that someday…sooner than later…they will call Andrew “Boss”.


Bonus: The Doctor talks about meeting Donald Trump, which resulted in 45 calling him an a$$hole, and T-Lo reminisces on the easiest classes A&M had to offer.

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