The Million $$ Tattoo with Chuck Yates | Tripping Over the Barrel Podcast

Who the fu&# is Chuck Yates?! Besides someone who needs a job and NOT a Podcast?

Well, he’s friends with Jewel, Dave Grohl, and Michael Linn. He lives in a glass house (seriously – and it’s famous). Take a listen as Chuck goes all over the map with tales such as: “The Million Dollar Tattoo”, the “plumber-ification” of the oilfield, his passion for helping Houston’s 5th Ward, and the crucial role that technology will play in the future of the industry. 

Chuck relived a classic acquisition tale from his Kayne Anderson days where an office leasing agent impacted the negotiations with a well-timed phone call. Mr. Yates is a true story teller and the guys had a blast with this dynamic industry legend. Enjoy!



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