CSL Capital Management on Oil and Gas Startups

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Imran Kizilbash and Abhinav Jain (AJ) from CSL Capital Management dropped by the studio this week to chat about all things startup funding. CSL actually started off as a PE firm focused on oilfield services but they recently launched their Venture Capital arm lead by these two guys. We dive into how not all startups are software and talk about disrupting venture capital using their domain expertise.

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Connect with Imran: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imran-kizilbash-4b936712/
Connect with AJ: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhinavjain17/
Learn more about CSL: http://www.cslenergy.com/

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WellDatabase provides high quality datasets for production data, completions data, frac data, permitting, and more. It’s all packaged together in a single interface with great analytics and tools to make your life easier.

And now, they’re disrupting this space even more by recently launching their free plan which offers well level data completely free.

You can check out the episode we did with their founder & CEO John Ferrell as well as their live demo they recorded on The Bullpen on our site. Reach out to these guys directly at welldatabase.com to check it out for yourself.


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