Dakota Access, Chinese Solar Panels, and Iran

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Recorded on: April 15th, 2021

Released on: April 16th, 2021


Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy take it into overdrive with a dense and timely podcast covering everything from DAPL to Iran..  They discuss IEA’s oil demand increase, oil prices, US efficiency gains, the merits of hedging, the potential nuclear deal with Iran, Iran’s uranium enrichment, and what it means if Iran adds barrels to the market. They get into two recent Bloomberg articles on Chinese solar panels in Xinjang and BP’s selloff of Alaska, and bring it home with an update on the Dakota Access pipeline hearing and Trisha’s more nuanced take on legal precedent vs. Army Corp punting. 


(Trisha accidentally said Guernsey is in southwest Wyoming when she meant to say Guernsey was in southeast Wyoming, just off the boarder of Nebraska.)

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