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Dan the Man, “Pick”, “The Wiz of the Oil Biz”.  Whatever moniker you choose for Dan Pickering, you better also call him this:  Sharp. Humble. Brilliant.  And one of the most well liked dudes in the Oil & Gas investment community.  Dan dives into his history, and introduction to the oilfield: As an Engineer in Alaska.  The formation of Tudor Pickering & Holt, and Dan’s creation of Pickering Energy…and THE Topic on everyone’s minds these days: The state of the industry.  A fun and informative look inside the unique investment mind of Dan Pickering.  A great follow up to Chuck Yates, another #EFT’er.


BONUS: Dr. Funkenstein, an absolute minnow compared to The Godfather, beats his chest about his own luckbox stock picks (Hello, Tesla), while T-Lo pleads the 5th 🙂

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