Demand, Delta, Chinese Power, and Xcel

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Recorded on: July 26, 2021

Released on: July 28, 2021



Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy bounce around global issues covering Norway, China, the US, and OPEC. Trisha continues to see the $65 to $75 price band for WTI Crude oil as most likely. Near month futures prices at the time of the podcast were $72 oil and $4 gas, both healthy figures for an industry that keeps adding rigs and frac spreads w-o-w. Looking ahead, the US will digest the end of the eviction moratorium and the lapse of COVID benefits, which should fill out the workforce. The Delta variant remains a wildcard for global macro. Ethan tries to put some guardrails around Trisha’s discussions of the global economy, International Energy Agency figures, electricity prices in the US, and China’s power use, commitments to climate change, and intricacies of policy making and outcomes.

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