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March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX

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We're Bringing Bitcoin Mining to the Energy Capital of the World

Energy + Bitcoin Mining

Empower will be the first bitcoin mining event with a focus on energy — bringing together energy, mining, finance, and other professionals in the city that powers the world. We are shutting down the streets in Houston for an iconic two-day event at 8th Wonder Brewery, where you will get to learn and network with energy producers, capital groups, miners, and other builders in the space.

The Biggest Names on Stage

Bitcoin Mining has the potential to be one of the fastest-growing industries over the next decade. We’re bringing in the most forward-thinking names to speak on topics such as natural gas and renewable mining, power generation, venture capital, institutional adoption, regulatory, and more. There will be content tracks that everyone can learn from regardless of background or experience.

Outside of the Content

We’re big believers in getting smart people together and allowing collisions to happen — these collisions are the catalyst for ideas, collaboration, and progress. You will have the opportunity to hang out with other like-minded people in a fun environment with live music, tent parties, and free beer.

The Numbers






days of content




Griffin Haby, Limpia Creek
Ryan Leachman, Jai Energy
Laura Pommer, EnergyFunders
Justin Ballard, Jai Energy
Brent Whitehead, Giga Energy Solutions
Haley Thompson, Imperium Digital
Mario Gutierrez, Unchained Capital
Max Gagliardi, Ancova
Marty Bent, Founder of TFTC
Parker Lewis, Unchained Capital
Mandy Gunasekara, US EPA
Joel Fulford, EnSite USA
Ryan Nuckolls, American Power Partners
Amanda Cavaleri, Pearl Snap Capital
David Little, EOG Resources
Marshall Long, Rhodium Enterprises
Gideon Powell, Cholla Petroleum
Cory Rodriguez, NFN8 Group
Matt Lohstroh, Giga Energy Solutions
Phillip McPherson, Riot Blockchain
Jake Boaz, Crypto Yield Capital
Adam Ortolf, CoinBeast
Chad Everett Harris, Whinstone US
Cully Cavness, Crusoe

More speakers TBA soon!

Countdown to Empower



Day 1:

9:30 PM: Keynotes, Panels, and Q&As

11:30 PM: Break

1:00 PM: Keynotes, Panels, Q&As

4:30 PM: Empower Tech Night 

6:00 PM: Live music

8:00 PM: VIP Mixer

Day 2:

9:30 PM: Keynotes, Panels, and Q&As

11:30 PM: Break

1:00 PM: Keynotes, Panels, and Q&As

4:30 PM: Empower Tech Night 

7:00 PM: Tent Parties

*Subject to change



Every two weeks, 250 tickets unlock. Once 250 tickets are purchased, registration closes and you’ll have to wait until the next release. The next release is on February 3rd and prices increase to $499.

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