Engage | Rob Ratchinsky on Oil and Gas Startups

Rob Ratchinsky from Engage dropped by the studio this week for part 2. If you’ve been a long time listener, you’ll remember we had Rob on about a year ago so it was good to have him back and catch up on what they’ve been up to.

Engage is also now live on The Bullpen if you guys want to go check them out.

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Connect with Rob: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-ratchinsky-1a3a33156/
Learn more about Engage: https://engagemobilize.com/

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Digital Field Management Platform

ENGAGE is a digital field management platform that is revolutionizing the way oil and gas companies interact with service providers. The platform interfaces with both operators and vendors, allowing complete transparency for all sides.


Integrating with other software, ENGAGE preloads pertinent information, predicatively schedules repeatable services and streamlines ticket information into accounting systems and its proprietary dispatch platforms.


Leveraging robust modeling tools and machine learning techniques, the Engage solution creates unprecedented data analytics in real-time.

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ENGAGE on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast
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