Enverus + Q Engineering on Oil & Gas Startups Podcast

In this episode, Collin and Jake sit with Mark Bahorich, founder of Q Engineering, and Allen Gilmer, the founder of Enverus (formerly DrillingInfo), to discuss Enverus’ acquisition of Q Engineering.

Connect with Mark Bahorich and Allen Gilmer to learn more about Enverus.

Thank you to our sponsor Streamline Innovations

Streamline Innovations has been helping operators save money on H2S treatment since 2016. They can also help operators bolster their ESG rating because their Valkyrie technology is biodegradable, it eliminates hazardous chemical disposal and reduces flaring. Streamline has built up an incredible team of gas treatment and processing experts that are happy to be a resource to you as you start to work through your gas processing and treating challenges.

You can reach out to them directly here.


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