Landman Spring Break

Join us after NAPE for Landman Spring Break.

We’ll have free drinks, a live band, and cool people.

Thursday, August 19th at 7 PM.

This event is invite-only. Join the waitlist and we’ll send out invites soon.

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Energy Tech Night

Each Energy Tech Night offers insights from energy digitalization experts and rapid-fire pitches from the cutting edge in startups offering solutions for the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.


After the rapid fire pitches, there is a panel of industry leaders having an open discussion on important topics.


Coming soon to Midland and Houston.

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Cattleguard Throwdown

Oilfield hands, duking it out. Enough said. 


Energy Tech Night

A meetup for the Energy Technology and Digital Innovation leaders in Houston.


Join us for networking, rapid-fire pitches from energy startups, and a panel discussion on: How oil and gas tech plays into the energy transition.


Evolve: The Next Evolution in Oil and Gas

This isn’t your ordinary virtual O&G conference. We set out to find a more creative way to highlight stories and topics in the industry that won’t put you to sleep like a typical Zoom conference. Be sure to check it out to see things such as:


– Walking location with Toby Rice to see what new technology EQT is utilizing.

– Talks from industry professionals such as Allen Gilmer, Dan Pickering, Diana Grauer and Chuck Yates

– A tour of Halliburton labs and demos from some of the hottest O&G tech startups.It’s free to attend, make sure to register

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