Halliburton Labs

Advancing clean energy technology

Halliburton Labs is committed to the science and continued evolution of sustainable, reliable energy.  We firmly believe that oil and gas will remain a vital resource for decades to come.  At the same time, we recognize the important role that other energy sources will play over time. We are excited for Halliburton to help advance solutions that have the potential for a long-term, meaningful impact and that align with our sustainability objectives.

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Halliburton Labs on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast
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halliburton labs

accelerating the growth of innovative, early-stage companies


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Scott Gale

Executive Director

Dale Winger

Managing Director

Greg Powers

innovative Mentor

Halliburton Labs is a collaborative environment for people to come together to advance cleaner, more affordable energy.

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Halliburton Labs

Advancing Clean Energy Technology

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If you didn’t know already – we launched another podcast with the one and only, Chuck Yates – you know, the guy who was famously canned from Kayne Anderson earlier this year – his first few episodes are hilarious so go check it out the Chuck Yates Needs A Job Podcast.


But back to this show – There are more and more startup incubators and accelerators popping up, especially here in Houston. Our buddy Scott Gale with Halliburton Labs dropped by to tell us why Halliburton is jumping on the bandwagon and what really sets them apart. Let us know what you think.

Connect with Scott:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/1scottgale/

Learn more about Halliburton Labs: https://www.halliburtonlabs.com/

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