Ian Stoneberg and the Calgary - Houston Shuffle

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The US-Canada border is littered with companies that couldn’t transition across it. But Ian “King Moves” Stoneberg can tell you about one that was a smashing success. He also knows a thing or two about Oil and Gas Accounting – going all the way back to when people smoked cigarettes in the office, “Mad Men” style. But that is probably the LEAST interesting thing about Ian, a guy who traded the Calgary ice box for the Houston sauna.  


Why did he make that move? All for the love of a big red dog. In this unique episode, Ian talks about first meeting Dr. Funkenstein, who was wearing lime green shoes at a conference…how selling in the US is a different world from selling in Canada…and that friend of the podcast and longtime rival of Ian’s, Barry Barksdale, still owes him last month’s rent on his Nantucket house 

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