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Next generation of Reserves & Economics


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Armand Paradis

ceo And Co-founder

Jeremy Gottlieb

CFO & Co-Founder


Inside Petroleum is a Fintech company focused on the energy space. We are disrupting well forecasting and cash flow analysis with our flagship product ComboCurve.

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Inside Petroleum

The Next Generation of Reserves and Economics

Inside Petroleum, Inc. is a Fintech company focused on the energy space. They are disrupting well forecasting and cash flow analysis with their flagship product ComboCurve.


The efficiency gains of at least 10X using ComboCurve come from collaboration, incredible speed (30,000 forecasts & economics in ~5 min), and integrated workflows (which have been realized through multiple client trials).

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Inside Petroleum on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast
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Armand Paradis
CEO and Founder

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Welcome to the future of Oil & Gas


The Smart Assistant for Oil and Gas

In this episode, Collin and Jake sit with Armand Paradis, CEO, and Jeremy Gottlieb, CFO of Inside Petroleum. They are disrupting a space dominated by legacy players — if you are an engineer or finance guy, you are going to love this episode.

Reach out to Armand and Jeremy. Learn more about Inside Petroleum.

Check out The Bullpen here.

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