Liberty Oilfield Services: Nerding Out with Chris Wright

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Recorded on: September 19th, 2021

Released on: September 18th, 2021


In this very special 1.5 hour long podcast, Trisha Curtis sits down with the CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, Chris Wright and nerds out on everything from the global oil market to frac sand. This was a live event at Liberty Oilfield Services, put on by the Denver Petroleum Club. Trisha and Chris talk about Liberty’s ESG report on energy poverty, Chris’ take on the battle against CO2, ESG, China, US regulations against oil and gas, inflation, rising electricity and energy costs, and simul frac and frac sand. This is a dense and lively discussion followed by questions from the audience. It is an honest and analytical take on the energy industry, CO2, ESG moves, and oil and gas equities.

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