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Jeff Allen on Oil Money Podcast

Jeff Allen, CEO of Allen Energy joins the Oil Money podcast this week. Beyond his duties of Chief Executive at Allen Energy, we talk about the revival of the Petroleum Club and how the new generation of Oil and Gas needs to stick together.

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Petronerds | Trisha Curtis on Oil and Gas Startups

We’ve grown our lineup of podcasts recently and one of those is Petronerds hosted by Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy. They’re absolutely crushing it on that show. Both of them come from the research and consulting side of the industry and are able to dissect both the macro and micro trends to really break down what’s going on in the industry, so go check out their podcast. In this episode, we finally sit down with Trisha and really dive into how she ended up consulting some of the biggest players in the space – various E&Ps, the Pentagon, and even OPEC.

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Chevron’s Analyst Day and China’s Five Year Plan St. Patrick’s Day Special Part Two | Petronerds Podcast

In Episode 8, part two of the St. Paddy’s day doubleheader, Trisha and Ethan crush on Chevron (CVX) and the company’s approach to the energy transition and short cycle economics, pick apart China’s five-year plan, and analyze the Biden administration’s foreign policy moves. Trisha smacks Ethan during the show – a standard feature of this healthy podcast relationship from Trisha’s dining room table.

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Gig ‘Em, Matty! on Tripping Over the Barrel Podcast

We are no rocket scientists, but…Well, Matt Flanagan is. Really. This rocket scientist came on and schooled us on his mind blowing “Digital Twin” technology and where it will add value in the upstream, downstream, midstream, and renewables world. We dove into his highly successful career path and helping lead Opportune into International markets, and of course, his time at A & M. If you think you are a Super Aggie, prepare to be humbled, Matt has you beat…tune in for a deep dive into his favorite A&M sporting event ever, and even traveling with the teams.

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Still Screaming with Pete Stahl on Chuck Yates Needs A Job Podcast

Chuck fan boys on Pete Stahl, the lead singer of pioneering DC punk band Scream (and Wool, Earthlings? and Goatsnake) as they recount their meeting backstage at the Foo Fighters, dinner at the Rainbow, Cowboys / the Washington Football Team trash talking and rock n roll. No doubt why Pete was the inspiration for the Foo Fighter’s song “My Hero”.

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