Oil in the Water | A TOTB Short with Mike Umbro

In the spirit of baseball season, we are throwing a bit of a changeup at ya. Mike Umbro, well known pro-Oil & Gas professional in California comes on to talk about the recent Oil spill in Southern California, and give us the reaction amongst the state’s legislature. We return next week with a full episode: A rockstar in the Woods. Cheers!

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The Global Energy Crisis Explained | Petronerds Podcast

In this special episode on the global energy crisis, Trisha Curtis takes you through the global energy markets to explain how this rise in energy prices happened and why it matters. This episode starts with oil prices and OPEC Plus and their decision to maintain output increases of 400,000 bd on October 4, 2021. From there, Trisha dives into the global energy crisis, discussing the nuances of the European and UK market, lack of storage, weather shifts, wind, and hydro power and dovetails this into what is happening in China. She explains China’s recent weather, drawdowns in coal, and reduced hydro and wind power, further exacerbating this perfect energy crisis storm. Trisha rounds this out by talking about economic growth, inflation, and risks to energy prices and economic growth. Of course the latest White House Press Briefing is mentioned. And the closer is on China and their housing, real estate, and property bubble that most do not want to believe is a problem.

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BDE Show with Dan Pickering on Chuck Yates Needs a Job Podcast

Chuck premieres the brand new podcast from Digital Wildcatters – the Big Digital Energy Show – where he and Collin McLelland give the week in energy a new twist – takes, opinions and facts not heard elsewhere. For people who think morning notes suck and Jim Cramer doesn’t know shit. Special treat this week legendary energy investor Dan Pickering guest hosts.

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Automating the Oilfield with Andrew Richard

This week’s podcast guest joins us all the way from Canada. Andrew Richard is the president of Automated Rig Technologies, and a proud father. Do you think that increased automation will ultimately kill the very jobs that made the oil and gas industry what it is today?
– Andrew gives us some background on his career and how his company is changing the game.
– The guys make sure they understand how to say his name and what part of Canada he’s in.
– Yousuf NAILS a french accent.
– Further discussion on the future of the podcast because they can’t help but talk about themselves.

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Ryan Dawson | Chief Corvanaut at Corva on Energy Crue

I spoke with Ryan Dawson of Corva on my previous podcast, but due to schedules we had to cut it short, so I was glad we could once again have a conversation on where Corva is at today and how they are becoming the App Store for the Oil & Gas industry. We discussed the importance of technology and digital programming and how he believes that is the future of our industry. We discussed what our industry needs, and should be focusing on to transition the industry from “this is how it’s always been done” mentality to “how can we do this better.”

Wellsite Navigator, the most downloaded oilfield mobile app ever, now offers turn-by-turn directions to over 1 million wells through Lease Road Navigation technology. Get your first month free using this link: https://fbuy.io/wellsite/energycrue

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HULK on Oil and Gas Startups

Quite often, the most profitable businesses are not the sexiest ones. Those businesses don’t win awards or get front page stories, but they are the ones that are printing cash every year because their tech is essential. The guys at Hulk are one of those companies. They have developed a product that protects ESP cables- saving E&P’s thousands of dollars in cable damage, and averting potential downhole issues.

LiquidFrameworks’ product FieldFX is optimizing field services, check them out here: https://liquidframeworks.com/fieldfx/

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Catching up with Big Perv on Tripping Over the Barrel

Should the industry stop using BOE and switch to BOV? Dwayne Purvis thinks so. Nerd alert: We dig deep into the science of Oil & Gas…but we also got into the man, Big Perv: Dwayne grew up the son of a preacher, with no interest in working in Oil & Gas…but fate and scholarship money led him to it. Also, Dwayne educates TLo and the Funkmeister on what life is like as a consultant in Oil & Gas, and a discussion about accents ensues. A great episode with another great personality.

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John Hammond | VP Marketing at Tally Energy Services on Energy Crue

Always a blast chatting with John Hammond (VP Marketing – Tally Energy Services). We got behind the mic for an Energy Crüe Podcast at the Petroleum Club of Houston today to discuss Tally, the state of the industry and of course went down some rabbit holes.

Wellsite Navigator is the most popular navigation app for oilfield professionals. It offers a dynamic map which can be zoomed in and out and also shows well entrances, which can’t be found on Google Maps. Bonus: it works offline too! Get started with a free month today: https://fbuy.io/wellsite/energycrue

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