Nii Ahele Nunoo | Senior Associate at KPMG on Energy Crüe

Nii joins me at the Petroleum Club of Houston where we discuss his upbringing in Africa and pursuing his electrical engineer degree brought him to the US. After various jobs throughout the states, he found himself at NOV in Conroe, Texas. We discuss his role there, as well as what motivated him to pursue a higher education. We discuss his current role and how he loves identifying problems and challenges, creating solutions for those issues, and providing support for O&G companies throughout the states. Him and his “A-team” all have O&G backgrounds which allow them to be as effective as possible, while not taking any credit for the value they bring.

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Tyler Jones | Business Development in Asia at Seadrill on Energy Crue

On this episode we sit with Tyler to discuss what’s been going on in his life since we last spoke in April 2020. Tyler and I first became friends in Saudi Arabia in 2011, both as expats. On this episode we chatted about how the offshore market had a supply issue, as well as what it was like moving during the pandemic to a new position half way around the world. We discuss how the pandemic impacted the onshore/offshore market and where we are going from here. We discuss video gaming, Covid patient zero (his roommate), and life in the Middle East.

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Olivia Dixon on Oil Money

This week, the guys host Olivia Dixon! Through all that she has accomplished so far in life, she highlights the importance of staying true to yourself and how far a positive mindset can carry you.

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Olifant Energy on Oil and Gas Startups

Every week we have oil & gas tech founders on to walk us through their journey and their amazing technologies. Yet, E&P startup guys are still our most downloaded and requested episodes. So if there’s any guy in this space you should know, it’s Don Burdick. Don came up as a geologist and was a part of a few management teams over the years. He dove into launching PE-backed Oliphant Energy I and how different it is bootstrapping Oliphant Energy II.

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Nicole Gauthier on Energy Crue

Nicole joins me at my home studio to dive into her background. We then get into her new company that began in January 2021, Wicked Holdings. She took her 4 passions (looking at homes, crunching numbers, interior design, and helping people) to create a company with the end goal to provide a safe home environment for women and children (even men) who may need it the most.

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Chuck Yates Needs Oil Money

Chuck chats with the hosts of the Oil Money podcast Yousuf Chaudary and Donnie Davis about a lot of stuff – life, wardrobes, the business and a miserable fail at a kindergarten interview.

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Chuck Yates on Oil Money

We talked about him for 5 weeks and suddenly like a creepy homeless wizard, he showed up as a guest! Listen along as we talk about properly advocating for the oil and gas industry, private VS public school and how choosing to stand out pays off big time.

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Stephen Forrester on Energy Crue

Joins me to discuss the “fossil fuels vs renewable debate”. He shares his view of how a satire campaign against North Face after they refused an order for a OFS company, actually hurts our industry more than helps it. We discuss how he’s taken on the role of creating content for our industry as well as other random tangents from whiskey to french romantic poetry.

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