Chevron Agonistes on Chuck Yates Needs a Job

Ashley Williams Watt shares her family’s struggles with Chevron and the Texas Railroad Commission on their cattle ranch in West Texas – multiple P&A wells spewing contaminated water into the family’s water supply, crude oil bubbling up into the family’s toilet, missing ground water tests, and a red bucket. Everyone in the oil and gas industry needs to listen and weigh in on “when does an oilfield end?”

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Will ERCOT have a summer version of their winter woes? | Josh Aldridge on Margin Call

Don’t look now, but ERCOT’s summer capacity forecast isn’t too promising with peak demand projected to hit a new record of over 77,000 MW. Will ERCOT have a summer version of their winter woes? Identifying the root cause of Texas power problems isn’t as easy as many are led to believe, but just how many factors are contributing to situation, and why does the PUCT seem so out of sorts? How is it that an electric energy market that was once touted as one of the best in North America, is now being exposed as a hotbed of corruption and cronyism?

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OPEC, Oil Prices, and Opaqueness on Petronerds Podcast

In episode 18 of the PetroNerds podcast, Trisha Curtis comes out swinging on OPEC, Iran, and inflation. This is an episode you do not want to miss. Trisha and Ethan discuss OPEC’s latest moves, rising oil prices in the context of rising inflation, and the role of the US dollar. They also discuss Iran and Saudi Arabia behavior and supply and demand in oil. They round out the lively discussion by talking about natural gas and the controversy of banning it in some cities for new build homes. This is the podcast on oil, energy, and policy. This is a two part episode. If you want to hear all about Exxon’s board debacle, Biden’s recent executive orders, and the Dakota Access pipeline, stay tuned for next week.

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#TrippingRoundTheRotary on Tripping Over the Barrel

TOTB is a little over a year old. So is Round the Rotary podcast. We made 50 episodes in year 1. The man, JP Warren? 110! Dude is the Lou Gehrig of Podcasts. Thanks for big timing us like that!! JP, the long-haired wonder who is 6’5″ and never played sports joined the guys to do a retrospective on “The first year of Podcasting ” in a close knit oil and gas content space. We handed out superlatives for funniest, favorite episode, best guest… and of course, most awkward moments. Good times and an easy listen.

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Cumulus | Matthew Kleiman on Oil and Gas Startups

Every time a refinery goes through a turnaround, thousands of bolted joint assemblies are disassembled and put back together. 20% of leaks in refineries is due to this process not being done correctly. Matt Kleiman joined us this week to school us up on how they are digitizing QA for mission critical manual work by equipping workers with bluetooth enabled smart-tools.

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Is green (energy) the new black (for oil demand)? | Eric Dixon Part 2 on Margin Call

Gas demand may fall, but diesel demand more than offsets losses from electrification. Narratives are often written by those in power, but who benefits and what is the impact to oil price? If economic incentives are discouraged to produce traditional energy, how does this impact price and the environment? These topics and more explored by George P. and Eric Dixon, a senior physical and financial oil trader of nearly 20 years.

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Iran, IEA ‘Net Zero by 2050 Report’, and Inflation on Petronerds Podcast

In episode 17 of the PetroNerds podcast, your host Trisha Curtis and cohost Ethan Bellamy discuss the implications for removing sanctions on Iran and the impact it could have on the oil market and is having on the oil market and talk about the very controversial International Energy Agency (IEA) report which called for all investment in fossil fuels to stop immediately. Trisha and Ethan talk about the relationship between Iran, China and the US and how Iran is playing their cards. In addition to getting deeper into oil prices, inflation, and the macro, they get into IEA’s new flagship report which calls for all fossil fuel investment to stop if the world is to achieve net zero by 2015.

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