Hank Porter | Operations Manager at Lime Rock Resources on Energy Crue

I was able to sit down with Hank Porter at the Petroleum Club of Houston to chat about his career as a fourth generation oilfield hand. We discussed his previous roles and the decisions that were made behind each career move. From working at Halliburton and eventually moving over to the service side, it’s good to hear that he has sat at both sides of the table.
Really enjoyed hearing everything from his involvement early in his career during the Macondo incident, to his reasoning on how people should view their career path: don’t have a 5 year plan, instead, never pass up an opportunity…you never know where or when they come.
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Part and Parcel on Oil and Gas Startups

Landmen have arguably been hit the worst by the downturns of the last decade. Then E&P’s struggle to find good landmen when they actually need them. Part and Parcel is working hard to solve this problem by building a match-making marketplace between landmen and companies who need land work. Jon Yoachim drops by to walk us through his journey as a Landman and how they plan to revolutionize the space.

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John Clark | Sales Manager at Volant Products on Energy Crue

John and I sit down in the DW studio and begin chatting about what it’s like having a newborn and the technology around newborns, and that’s where we segway into oilfield banter. We discuss the changes in our industry, technology advances at Volant, their sales process and ability to pivot based off of request, as well as the future of energy. On this episode he makes the pledge to do a triathlon…so we’re going to have to stay in touch with him to see if he does it!

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Rachel Reese on Oil Money

Bulldog Oil and Gas attorney, entrepreneur and most recently on Hart Energy’s 40 under 40! Rachel Reese talks ambition, balance and the importance of networking. Stay tuned to future episodes of Oil Money to hear the new legal segment hosted by Rachel. She’ll be breaking down the big legal news in energy and many common misconceptions around attorneys and law.

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Kevin Burns | Sales Engineer at TOPS LLC on Energy Crue

Kevin and I sit to discuss his extensive background as an engineer at different O&G companies before making the move to Business Development, bringing him to Houston to grow his network during Covid. We discuss getting out of your comfort zone, and how this industry needs to share information so we can improve together. We discussed which one of his 9 children can hold off the wet bandits if left Home Alone.

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Making Work Suck Less with Matt Harriman on Tripping Over the Barrel

Matt Harriman likes making work suck less. He even says it on his company, Pod2’s, website. But he also specifically mentions that Al Pacino does not work at his company, so we never know with this wild card. Anyhow, Matt walks us through his history, what he enjoys doing, his consulting company and technology ideas. Bonus: Dr. Funkenstein records this episode from the confines of another DW podcaster’s home, a toddler shows up mid-podcast, and T-Lo talks about driving all over Texas – moving one daughter into College, the day after marrying another daughter within 21 hours. Fun one

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