Chevron Agonistes on Chuck Yates Needs a Job

Ashley Williams Watt shares her family’s struggles with Chevron and the Texas Railroad Commission on their cattle ranch in West Texas – multiple P&A wells spewing contaminated water into the family’s water supply, crude oil bubbling up into the family’s toilet, missing ground water tests, and a red bucket. Everyone in the oil and gas industry needs to listen and weigh in on “when does an oilfield end?”

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Thomas the Feighn on Tripping Over the Barrel

Two months ago, Kyle Golden, P2 executive and a good friend of TOTB had a simple message: “you guys need to have Thomas Feighny on your podcast, the guy is electric”. And boy, was he right. Thomas was born with the gift of gab, a passion for storytelling, and a desire to march to the beat of his own drum. Buying a used police cruiser at an Amarillo, TX auction? Sure! Starting a new company in the middle of a pandemic? Why not? Moving to Houston in the middle of the Summer? Of course. Bike riding at 5 AM in 15 degree weather? You already know. Thomas brings an undeniable passion, energy, and youthful exuberance to this weeks TOTB.

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Tastes of Houston | Benjamin Berg and Mohammad Omar on Risk Profile

Houston is a city full of dining experiences – diverse, broad, and delicious. Join Risk Profile to hear two Houston chefs who are carving out different realms of influence in Houston. Former NYC restauranteur Benjamin Berg explains why he chose to relocate to and build in Houston, and Mohammad Omar describes his experience expanding his Jordanian-style street food from one food truck to more than fifteen in multiple states.

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A Telemedicine Baby | Jason Melton and Taft Foley III on Risk Profile

2nd.MD merged with Accolade Health in March in a transaction valued at $460M. Join Risk Profile to hear more from Jason how he scaled a Houston-based telehealth startup and how he maintained the company’s culture and growth through the many stages of startup. Taft Foley III joins the conversation as an 18-year-old high school senior from the Houston area who founded a mobile COVID testing lab. Innovation is happening in every corner of medicine.

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A Fresh Brew | Brock Wagner, Owner of St Arnolds Brewing on Risk Profile

We all know the legacy Brock has built with St Arnolds. Listen in to hear Brock’s vision for founding Houston’s first craft brewery in a time when craft beer wasn’t as cool. Brock’s biggest piece of advice: pursue collaboration before competition. St Arnold’s has actively supported the craft brewing community in Houston because, in Brock’s words, the community you are in is a part of your brand.

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