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Never Burn Your Bridges on Tripping Over the Barrel

Chevy. Kate. Bobby. Small Business. Oklahoma. Oil and Gas. Chesapeake. Consulting. ‘Merica, folks. T-Lo and Dr. Funkenstein enjoyed diving into the background of these 3 Okie’s, who are so bullish on their own business that they launched it during the height of a pandemic! While all 3 of the Novus Consulting founders have varied and unique skillsets, they leave you with one key message: People do business with people they like and trust.

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Arbo | Chip Moldenhauer on Oil and Gas Startups

We sat down with Chip Moldenhauer (our first DC guest), CEO of Arbo, to talk about his story and how he got started. Chip has a great story and like many entrepreneurs, he saw problems in the industry and decided to create a solution. Arbo provides software technology and analytics to the energy marketing, transportation, and trading industries for decision analysis and business automation.

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Texas, the Grid, Nat Gas, and Hot Oil Prices | February 22, 2021 – Petronerds Podcast

Trisha and Robert discuss all things related to weather and energy after the major storm that rocked Texas and much of the US during the second week of February and get into the weeds of pipelines, production, and power failures. They also discuss Colorado’s proposed ban for natural gas in new builds and propane and Enbridge Line 5 in Michigan. The letter from the state of New Mexico to the Department of Interior is discussed, calling out the unfairness of recent legislation impacting New Mexico which has more Federal Land than Texas.

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