Nii Ahele Nunoo | Senior Associate at KPMG on Energy Crüe

Nii joins me at the Petroleum Club of Houston where we discuss his upbringing in Africa and pursuing his electrical engineer degree brought him to the US. After various jobs throughout the states, he found himself at NOV in Conroe, Texas. We discuss his role there, as well as what motivated him to pursue a higher education. We discuss his current role and how he loves identifying problems and challenges, creating solutions for those issues, and providing support for O&G companies throughout the states. Him and his “A-team” all have O&G backgrounds which allow them to be as effective as possible, while not taking any credit for the value they bring.

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SPE-GCS | Nii Nunoo on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

This week we officially squash the beef with SPE-GCS. The King of Shoutouts – Ni Nunoo – joined us to talk about founding SPE’s IES and how that led to him taking over the GCS Chapter. We realized by the 20th shoutout just how many mutual friends we have. We’re honestly surprised it took us this long to meet but the wait was well worth it.

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OPEC Plus, US Oil, and Chinese Solar in Xinjiang | Petronerds Podcast

In episode 21 of the PetroNerds podcast, Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy get into the weeds on the Saudi and UAE production volumes and disputes in the latest OPEC Plus meeting or non meeting debacle. They talk about oil prices and the risks to the upside and downside as well as activity in the US and what is happening with US oil demand. They conclude with an impressive analytical link between Chinese human right abuses and forced labor issues in the province of Xinjiang, Chinese solar panels, and well known names from the Exxon and Engine No. 1 ordeal, Vanguard, State Street, and Blackrock. (Correction: Trisha said “Stay Street” in the podcast and meant “State Street”) This is a must listen to episode folks! The link to the South China Morning Post article can be found here.

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Um, Bro? California Screamin’ With Mike Umbro on Tripping Over the Barrel

California: Big state, Big consumer. Big reserves. Big importer of Oil. Huh? Mike Umbro, investor, entrepreneur, and now aspiring energy producer joins TOTB to talk all things California, Oil & Gas, virtue-signaling vs greenwashing and his Big opinions. A San Diego native who went to Pepperdine, Mike enjoys ocean views, palm trees, “Anchorman”, and his oil locally produced. Super lively episode.

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Caffeine Papis on Oil Money

High level oil and gas talk this week. Will oil go to $200? How will operators adjust and prep for the next downturn? Which member of The Migos best represents oilfield service companies?! Find out this week on Oil Money!

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Brittany Franklin | CEO of Sky High for Kids on Energy Crue

Enjoyed having Brittany tell her story and the story of her amazing charity Sky High for Kids. We discuss everything from growing up on a rice and crawfish farm, to the origin of the first charity event her and her friends put together, to the successful and impactful organization Sky High for Kids is as well as the backbone of the support to date being the O&G industry.

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The Energist | Micah Renfro on Oil and Gas Startups

There are a lot of recruiters in the oil & gas industry, but not many that have built the technical teams of some of the most prominent operators in the industry from the ground up. Micah Renfro joined us this week to talk about how they differentiate themselves, the changing culture in oil & gas and much more.

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Midland, Liberty Oilfield Services, and $100 Oil | Petronerds Podcast

In this episode, Trisha and Ethan review oil and gas market activity, the case for $100 oil, Trisha’s recent field trip to Midland, Texas, and the Liberty Oilfield Services (LBRT) investor day. The podcast covers the evolution of well economics as sand move from outside the basin to in-basin and now looks to be heading to local sand mining. At Liberty, “Happy Valley” economic evaluation of proppant and lateral length help solve for optimal well recoveries.

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