Chevron Agonistes on Chuck Yates Needs a Job

Ashley Williams Watt shares her family’s struggles with Chevron and the Texas Railroad Commission on their cattle ranch in West Texas – multiple P&A wells spewing contaminated water into the family’s water supply, crude oil bubbling up into the family’s toilet, missing ground water tests, and a red bucket. Everyone in the oil and gas industry needs to listen and weigh in on “when does an oilfield end?”

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John Arnold on Oil and Gas Startups

We dove into his rejection from all of his dream Wall Street jobs led him to take a job at Enron that would change his life. How we quickly rose through the ranks to run the largest trading desk in America at the age of 28. Why he started his own firm energy trading firm, Centaurus Advisors, and why he ultimately hung it up as a trader to focus all of his energy on philanthropy.

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Is green (energy) the new black (for oil demand)? | Eric Dixon on Margin Call

Gas demand may fall, but diesel demand more than offsets losses from electrification. Narratives are often written by those in power, but who benefits and what is the impact to oil price? If economic incentives are discouraged to produce traditional energy, how does this impact price and the environment? These topics and more explored by George P. and Eric Dixon, a senior physical and financial oil trader of nearly 20 years.

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Permian Basin Earnings and Market Trends: “EFFICIENCY” | Petronerds Podcast

In episode 16 of the PetroNerds podcast Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy discuss the market trends and themes taking place in the US upstream space, specifically the Permian Basin. They review the earnings calls of EOG Resources, Pioneer Natural Resources, Diamondback Energy, and Liberty Oilfield Services and put it all into a digestible market context and outlook. While concerns about higher services costs and inflation are present, efficiency gains such as longer laterals, faster drilling times, and faster and more efficient frac operations, and are a major theme throughout earnings season and have long term implications.

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RigER | John Mark Cavitt on Oil and Gas Startups

Field tickets are fun said no one ever. And unfortunately field tickets are just one part of the paperwork headache OFS companies have to deal. RigER CEO, John Mark Cavitt, joined us to chat about how their Oilfield Operations Management platform is helping OFS digitize their operations.

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