Nii Ahele Nunoo | Senior Associate at KPMG on Energy Crüe

Nii joins me at the Petroleum Club of Houston where we discuss his upbringing in Africa and pursuing his electrical engineer degree brought him to the US. After various jobs throughout the states, he found himself at NOV in Conroe, Texas. We discuss his role there, as well as what motivated him to pursue a higher education. We discuss his current role and how he loves identifying problems and challenges, creating solutions for those issues, and providing support for O&G companies throughout the states. Him and his “A-team” all have O&G backgrounds which allow them to be as effective as possible, while not taking any credit for the value they bring.

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Collectively Evolving on Tripping Over the Barrel

Becky and Sanjay sitting in a tree e-v-o-l-v-i-n-g. The Evolve Collective is a new age idea that will spawn many copycats. The collective is a worldwide “village” made up of a group of accomplished professionals, energy industry veterans, and somehow, Dr. Funkenstein. The goal is to help startups get the most out of their company. The variety of skillsets amongst the villagers has created a Swiss Army knife of options to assist. We talk about the collective, Sanjay and Becky‘s path to entrepreneurship, and why Sanjay‘s daughter chose Tufts over Brandeis.

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Exxon, Activism, Executive Orders, and DAPL on Petronerds Podcast

In episode 19 of the PetroNerds podcast, your host Trisha Curtis, CEO of PetroNerds and cohost Ethan Bellamy get into the very hot topics of ExxonMobil’s board seat debacle with activist investor group Engine No.1, Biden’s double header Executive Orders on climate change, and the Dakota Access pipeline decision in favor of Energy Transfer and DAPL. Trisha and Ethan discuss the implications and meaning of activist investors and put in context the overarching Executive Orders by the Biden administration which have far reaching consequences for the financial system and procurement of contracts. They finish the podcast with a lengthy discussion on the Dakota Access pipeline ruling by Judge Boasberg, in favor of the pipeline. This is an incredible episode that you do not want to miss. It is jam packed with market intel.

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I STAN THE DAVIS CLAN aka 5 Million Views, Your Move, Steph on Tripping Over the Barrel

Curating genuine, relatable, and hilarious content is essential to building your brand on social media. In the Oil & Gas industry, two and funniest are Steph and Donnie Davis. The Davis clan came on to talk about working in the same industry, from the same office, and raising the same kid. Also might be married. We pose questions such as: “who is the funnier of you two?”…”what is it like to work with the Digital Wildcatters bro’s?” and “how do you get 5 million LinkedIn views on a post about getting fired?” Real hard hitting stuff. Loved this one. Enjoy!

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