Chevron Agonistes on Chuck Yates Needs a Job

Ashley Williams Watt shares her family’s struggles with Chevron and the Texas Railroad Commission on their cattle ranch in West Texas – multiple P&A wells spewing contaminated water into the family’s water supply, crude oil bubbling up into the family’s toilet, missing ground water tests, and a red bucket. Everyone in the oil and gas industry needs to listen and weigh in on “when does an oilfield end?”

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The Uplifter on Tripping Over the Barrel

Luke Wallace dreams of having a vineyard on the coast of Italy. Or living in Malaysia. Or snowshoeing in the foothills of the Rockies. Or owning a fleet of trucks. But for now? He enjoys being the King of artificial lift. In this episode of TOTB, Luke gives us his history – working at companies large and small, being mentored by artificial lift experts, and gives us a crash course on the seven types of artificial lift (did you know there were that many?). Luke also tells us what balancing a newborn with work during the COVID times looks like. Enjoy!

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Ell Yeah with Lindsay Ell on Chuck Yates Needs A Job Podcast

Chuck and country music star, guitar bad ass Lindsay Ell recall buzzing Mt Rushmore while on tour, propose an Imagine Dragons / Kendrick Lamar tour, talk being a Survivor and how fathers must create safe spaces for their kids, and finding faith and forgiveness. Plus an amazing live in the studio version of her song “Make You”.

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Rip and Review: BP Earnings and Interview of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, MBS | Petronerds Podcast

Trisha Curtis and Ethan Bellamy come out swinging in the second part of this windy and nerdy two parter. They get into the color and commentary in BP’s Q1 2021 earnings call and the major themes discussed including EV charging stations in the UK and Europe, offshore wind, and BP’s move from an IOC to an IEC. And then Trisha and Ethan bring this two part episode full circle by getting into the Arab News interview with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and his comments on US and Russian oil supply. Trisha and Ethan’s discussion on this interview and how MBS thinks and how it relates to the global oil market and the energy transition makes this a must listen to episode.

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The Dog Ate My Field Ticket on Tripping Over the Barrel

A Cajun. A Yankees fan. A man who is quite certain that #PaperIsTheProblem. Steven Toups joins the guys this week to talk about the digitization of documents in oil and gas, and how we have just scratched the surface of the industry’s digital transformation. Steven is an optimist with high energy and a unique perspective on where our industry is headed…a fun listen!

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Multiphase Energy Corp on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

This week’s episode was a pretty unique one because we’ve never had anyone on that does anything similar to what the guys at Multiphase Energy Corp do. Victor Fairuzov joined us to chat about how they’ve developed new equipment that replaces most surface equipment while improving flow & pressure dynamics of wells and subsequently allowing them to produce more for longer. Enjoy!

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