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Clean As New | Darrell Stang on Oil and Gas Startups

In the oil & Gas industry, we depend very heavily on our equipment. And the more you use your equipment, the dirtier it gets. So to extend the life of the equipment your operations rely on, you’ve gotta keep your stuff clean. Darrell Stang from Clean As New came by the studio to talk to us about how they’re using their Tech Sonic technology to clean huge heat exchangers. This tech is pretty cool – to my understanding it’s high pressure water and sound waves and that works some sort of magic.

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Our Buddy Luddy, The Shale Modeler on Tripping Over The Barrel

Accurate shale production forecasting is imperative but elusive…so, how do you demystify the black box? Jon Ludwig joins the podcast to discuss how his startup, Novi Labs has cracked the code on it. Jon is a serial entrepreneur and after spending time in Both T-Lo and the Doctor’s back yards, life lead him to Austin and creating Novi. Using machine learning to generate shale forecasts sounds cool, but how do you sell it to always skeptical reservoir engineers? Jon also discusses his approach to taking on venture capital: getting cash is cool, but expertise is paramount.

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Peddlin’ Pipe Dreams: The Saga of the Keystone XL Pipeline | Margin Call

A discussion following the Presidential EO dated 1/20/2021 revoking permit for Keystone XL pipeline. Clarification of the extent of the permit – a section from Edmonton, AB to Steele City, NE. We discuss what Enbridge has done to date in adding capacity from Canada to Cushing, OK. And why this matters. Is this really a big deal or simply a political football for all sides? Are democrat policies good for the oil industry that has tended to exhibit signs of Prader- Willi Syndrome when left to its own devices?

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