Hank Porter | Operations Manager at Lime Rock Resources on Energy Crue

I was able to sit down with Hank Porter at the Petroleum Club of Houston to chat about his career as a fourth generation oilfield hand. We discussed his previous roles and the decisions that were made behind each career move. From working at Halliburton and eventually moving over to the service side, it’s good to hear that he has sat at both sides of the table.
Really enjoyed hearing everything from his involvement early in his career during the Macondo incident, to his reasoning on how people should view their career path: don’t have a 5 year plan, instead, never pass up an opportunity…you never know where or when they come.
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David Wantuck | Drilling Manager at Diamondback Energy on Energy Crue

David joins me at the Petroleum Club of Houston to share his journey in the oilfield. From growing up in the oilfield when he was a kid riding around to rigs, to graduating college in 1987 and his first role in the oilfield. We go through each of his experiences, ultimately discussing his management style and what he believes is effective: Empowering your people. He also shares with us why he’s optimistic and excited about our industry.

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Biden’s Call to OPEC, Inflation, and China’s CO2 | Petronerds Podcast

In this episode of the PetroNerds podcast, your host Trisha Curtis, CEO of PetroNerds, takes you on a 47 minute world wind tour of the oil market, oil prices, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and OPEC’s monthly market reports, inflation, the White House Press Briefing on August 11th, 2021 on inflation and OPEC, the US Consumer Price Index (CPI), and China’s coal fired steel mill surge. This podcast is another must listen to episode and jam packed with market intel. Trisha goes through the recent drivers in oil price declines, rampant inflation in the US and the Consumer Price Index and dovetails this all into monthly market reports from the IEA and OPEC and the White House Press Briefing on the Biden Administration’s claims that inflation is not as bad as it seems and the need for and call on OPEC and OPEC Plus to increase production and lower gasoline prices. As always, she sprinkles in valid information on China and oil demand and closes the podcast on some recent data brought to light in a Financial Times article titled “China Puts Growth Ahead of Climate with Surge in Coal Powered Steel Mills.”

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Dan Pickering on Oil Money Podcast

The Dan, the Myth, the Legend. The Bill Nye of energy investing. Ladies and Gentlemen, you won’t want to miss this one! Learn a thing or two about the past, present and future of energy and most importantly…who does Dan Pickering think is more handsome?

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Nick Goree | Drilling Manager at Earthstone on Energy Crue

We record this episode at the Petroleum Club of Houston, sipping Eagle Rare 17 and having a cigar. We dive into topics such as what he’s seen changed in our industry, his collection of custom made Japanese Knives, personal loss and signs from those that aren’t with us anymore, and much more.

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Qube Technologies | Eric Wen on Oil and Gas Startups

Contrary to popular belief, oil & gas can be produced with zero methane emissions. The problem is that most methane detection technologies are intermittent, expensive and only detect the largest of leaks. The guys at Qube Technologies are taking emissions reduction head on through continuous monitoring with their IoT devices. Eric Wen walked us through how incumbent emissions technologies have failed and how building an economically viable solution can bring about big change.

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Tastes of Houston | Mohammad Omar

Houston is a city full of dining experiences – diverse, broad, and delicious. Join Risk Profile to hear Mohammad Omar describes his experience expanding his Jordanian-style street food from one food truck to more than fifteen in multiple states.

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