Power Sentry on Oil and Gas Startups

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While you might not have heard of Power Sentry, you might have heard of Raptor Lift – which is what they were formerly known as. They have a new investor, new name and now an almost entirely new team. Electricity at the well site has two main problems, it’s one of your biggest lease operating expenses and it’s not always reliable – which can cause issues as well. So these guys schooled us up on how they’re tackling those issues.

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When you’re looking for public oil & gas data you really have two options – Aggregate the data yourself from various state agencies or subscribe to a data provider.

This is a topic that comes up a lot for us and you typically hear a lot of the same things:

  1. They want to cut costs around accessing public data.
  2. They want flexibility to select data sources.
  3. They want to be able to easily integrate this data with existing systems.
  4. And they want to be able to easily manipulate and work with the data.

EnerPub from Stonebridge is reimagining public data access by streamlining data integration & simplifying analytics. That means you can modernize your data sharing through big data platforms such as Azure, AWS & Snowflake as well as easily connect analytics platforms like Spotfire, Tableau, or PowerBI.

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