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This episode is different – Schlumberger is very far from a startup. But we have a pretty interesting story of the genesis of their DELFI product, which they dub as a Cognitive E&P Environment. The original team was comprised of a just a few people and one of those being, Melissa Suman. We had a great conversation talking about her career with Schlumberger over the past two decades and now running the show on their software side.


Real quick before we get into the episode: April 24th , we are hosting the Inaugural Wildcatters’ Block Party down in historic Richmond, Texas. It’s going to be at Chuck Yate’s house and we’re shutting down the street. There’s gonna be all you can eat crawfish, cold beer, tasty margaritas, live music, and even a cornhole tournament. It’s going to be a blast and we’re excited to see all of you in person again. Just go to the website to register and we’ll see you guys there!


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